Negative numbers can be used.

*You must check box to show a scoring category for that category to actually be counted. However, you may show categories without them actually counting towards the point total. Example, you can show "first kills, but just make them count as 0 points just to display them.) Please PM ch0rn for any help using this form.

For anything that is a "penalty", you must use a negative number, the numbers will not automatically convert to negatives.

Tournament name / Game List

(Enter Tournament name: Careful of extra spaces)

Comma seperated game list, no spaces, no extra characters.

Elimination Order Points: If using elimination order points, 1=1st person eliminated 12=12th person eliminated. Any value left blank will default to 0, so you have to specify a value in every box you want used. Any player left standing at the end of the game that is not the winner will receive the 2nd place score automatically. (not able to calculate troop counts etc. through xml, no way to break the tie) enable
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Points per win
Bonus points per kill
Bonus points for First Kill Show
Penalty for being first killed Show
Penalty for killing wrong player in Assassin game
Bonus for "Clean Sweep"
(get every possible kill in a game, if player is kicked then that player is ignored. Games that end on rounds or objective will not receive bonus)
Bonus points for Streak Kills Show
(consecutive kills in the same game)
Bonus points for winning by objective Show
Bonus Points for winning by rounds
(Can be negative)
Point Per Player scoring
Point per win multiplied by number of players in the game.
Check to enable
Show average rounds per win.
Show rounds survived. Total rounds alive (can be tie breaker)
Show Points
Show Fastest Win
show BBcode (Copy paste codes for forum)
Kicked from game (use a negative here)
Show Unique Kills (Not a scoring option, for display purposes only, Possibly will be updated in the future but it's hard to do scoring with resets and stages etc. Could be used for GA medal)
You can reset the scores just like auto tournaments. You do this by entering the "game labels" of the games for particular rounds of your tournament where you want the reset to occur, Then enter how many players will be left for this part of the tourny. This requires you to have unique game labels for each round where a score reset will occur, and to know them in advance. If no scoring resets you can ignore this part of the setup
Game Label:


Default sorting will be 1.Most Wins 2.Most Kills 4.Lowest Average rounds per win. 5. First Kills count 6. Streak Kills Count 7. Most rounds survived

If this sorting is ok, you can ignore this step.

If you want to change sorting, check the box and select your sorts in order of importance below.

- Use Custom sorting




5-13 Beta Launch

8-1 added clean sweep, added kicked from game penalty

8-20 added unique kills for tournament statistic.

9-1 Added wrong player killed in assassin penalty